Part of why I love photography is it allows me to better connect with our local community. I get to meet more people and see the impact that we can all have in each other's lives by working together for a better future. I wanted to find areas where I could help give back and continue to improve the amazing things happening around our area, especially now that I have my first daughter, Sicily. 

I currently work closely with The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The Ecology Center is a non-profit ecological oasis a mile down the street from our house. They work to educate kids and adults about living a sustainable lifestyle through growing your own food, water conservation, how your diet impacts our ecological footprint and how to create and buy from local artisans to limit our impact on this planet. I truly love the people that work there and the mission they have. I personally donate my photography services to them and I recommend all of my clients to both visit The Ecology Center and help donate to their cause. 

However, I know there are tons of other incredible charities out there in the world. The 25% of profits we donate should represent the passions you have as well. That is why I am open to donating to any charity you are interested as long as they are a registered 501c3. Please let me know what you are passionate about, and let's help build this community together!