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A rare afternoon at San Clemente’s premier break.

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Lowers is the best and most crowded wave in Southern California. Each year working at Hurley I get to spend a couple weeks on the sand each day during the Hurley Pro surf event in September. Some days the waves wouldn't be good enough to hold competition so they would call the comp off. Commonly referred to as "Lay Days". Lay Days are the best days. Sometimes they'd be waiting for a pumping swell and they'd call the comp off when it was 3-4 feet and perfect Lowers, knowing bigger waves were on the way. People who typically surf Lowers wouldn't make the trek down to the beach because they would assume with the comp there, they couldn't surf. We'd score magic sessions with only a few guys out surfing next to the best pros in the world. It's comparable to playing basketball on your local court and Lebron shows up to shoot some baskets. Some of the best sessions of my life have happened during those lay days. 

This day in particular, was a super unique one. A tropical storm was rolling in and lightning was striking behind the hills of Camp Pendleton. They had to call the contest off early because it was too dangerous to send the surfers out with the lightning. The storm brought in some crazy clouds and kept the crowd at all time low. This photo sums up those magical lay days. 

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