If You Don't Like Palm Trees I Don't Like You


If You Don't Like Palm Trees I Don't Like You

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Inspired by my hashtag and my love for palm trees. #ifyoudontlikepalmtreesidontlikeyou

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Click on the image to see it uncropped. 

I grew up in Minnesota. For those of you who know nothing about anywhere outside of California, that's in the middle top of the US. It borders Canada. It gets freaking cold. My family would visit California and Mexico every few years in the dead of winter to escape the cold. When I say cold, I mean cold. Like so cold that school would get cancelled just because the temperature. If it dropped below -25 degrees Fahrenheit, schools would close. You could go outside with a cup of boiling water and toss it up in to the air. By the time the water hit the ground you could hear the shattering of it turning in to ice. For you science nerds, hot water freezes faster than cold water, because molecules or something. Hahaha.

That is quite the backstory to say I freaking love palm trees. To me they symbolize the escape of Minnesota's cold. It means tropical weather, warm sun, sand beaches and all the cliché stuff you Californian's take for granted (and after being here for 20+ years, I've started to take for granted too).

This palm tree in particular is located somewhere in San Clemente, California. 

I hope this photo helps you stop and appreciate the things we tend to take for granted. 

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