One of the best ways to invest in your business is with some personal, one on one help. It's a great way to speed up your learning and gather some solid business advice on how to book more clients, marketing, pricing, shooting, editing and a whole lot more. I was able to build a profitable business within the first 3 months of starting my business, and I would love to help you do the same. Check out the different sessions I offer below and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 



1 .5 hour session
Q&A session where I answer any and all of your questions. Nothing is off limits. 

Some Popular Topics:
Booking Clients
Workflow (Honeybook, Email, Contact Forms)
Editing (Lightroom, Photoshop, Alien Skin)
Shooting Tips
Social Media & Marketing yourself
Pricing & Contracts
Website Design
Business (AKA making money)

Anything else you can think of, I'm ready to chat. Hit me up. 




3.5 hour session
Q&A session in-person over coffee, wine, and/or pizza. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Some Popular Topics:
Website Review
Live Editing
Pricing & Contracts
Shooting Tips
Website Design
How to book more clients
Business (AKA making money)

Really anything you need help with. I'm here for you. Let's do this!




4-5 hour session
(1 hour of shooting, 4 hours of working together)
This is for the photographer who wants to learn it all. After 4-5 hours with me, you'll know everything I know. Hahaha. That's all the time it takes. We will start with a couples shoot organized by me. We'll photograph together and you'll see how I approach a shoot. We'll follow up the hour shoot over coffee, wine, and/or pizza and walk through my workflow end to end from uploading, organization, culling, editing, delivery, marketing, etc. This is entirely for you. 

This is honestly the best thing you can do to kick-start your business. It's like an accelerated college course on how to take better photos, how to work faster and better, how to give the clients the premium service they deserve and how to make more money. 






"I've learned so much from Tony. Our Skype session was all about how to stay true to who you are but at the same time how to grow as a business. At this point in my career, I am comfortable with creating the art I have envisioned but I had never thought of how to protect myself as a business owner. Tony had walked me through the importance of managing a business and I strongly recommend his mentor session to everyone."




"I had what I thought was a pretty good understanding of Lightroom before I met with Tony. But after my Lightroom lesson with him, I felt like I had been given the Limitless pill which unlocked parts of my Lightroom brain that I didn’t have access to before. It was really helpful to learn how to use Lightroom more, but what was even better was that Tony took the time to help me identify what I like in certain color treatments, then worked with me to create some presets for me to use. Tony made the experience really enjoyable and super valuable. It’s clear that Tony not only knows what he’s talking about, but that he truly enjoys talking about it and sharing the knowledge with others. He even invited me to shoot some photos alongside him next time which was rad!"




"My mentor session with Tony was radical. I had sat down with other photographers before but my session with Tony was different. My other sessions were unorganized, scattered, and I left not really knowing if I had learned something. With Tony, we started at step one and went right thru the processes we were there to talk about. He's patient, friendly, and above all, genuinely there to help. I would not consider myself a beginner when I sat down with Tony. He recognized that, and adjusted to where I was in my career, which was helpful in a limited time session. I am already planning on my next session with Tony."




"Tony's mentor session was awesome! I had little confidence with my marketing skills and feel so much better about getting my business up and running since meeting with him. Tony was very well prepared with business knowledge, workflow and detailed tips that helped to answer my questions. I feel that in order to be successful, one needs to learn from someone who is already there. He put together an extremely thought out and organized meeting and I am so happy I took the opportunity to get together and expand my knowledge. I look forward to another session down the road!"