For Photographers


For Photographers

In the spirit of "Community Over Competition", below you will find as much resources as I can provide to help you succeed with your photography business. That includes, free education I deliver in the form of articles on my site, mentor sessions, and the current gear I'm using to create all of the work you see here. If there are any questions you have that you don't see the answers to here, don't hesitate to reach out through the button below or DM me on Instagram. I love hearing from you!




Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions


One of the best ways to invest in your business is with some personal, one on one help. It's a great way to speed up your learning and gather some solid business advice on how to book more clients, marketing, pricing, shooting, editing and a whole lot more. I was able to build a profitable business within the first 3 months of starting my business, and I would love to help you do the same. Check out the different sessions I offer below and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 



1 .5 hour session
Q&A session where I answer any and all of your questions. Nothing is off limits. 

Some Popular Topics:
Booking Clients
Workflow (Honeybook, Email, Contact Forms)
Editing (Lightroom, Photoshop, Alien Skin)
Shooting Tips
Social Media & Marketing yourself
Pricing & Contracts
Website Design
Business (AKA making money)

Anything else you can think of, I'm ready to chat. Hit me up. 




3.5 hour session
Q&A session in-person over coffee, wine, and/or pizza. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Some Popular Topics:
Website Review
Live Editing
Pricing & Contracts
Shooting Tips
Website Design
How to book more clients
Business (AKA making money)

Really anything you need help with. I'm here for you. Let's do this!




4-5 hour session
(1 hour of shooting, 4 hours of working together)
This is for the photographer who wants to learn it all. After 4-5 hours with me, you'll know everything I know. Hahaha. That's all the time it takes. We will start with a couples shoot organized by me. We'll photograph together and you'll see how I approach a shoot. We'll follow up the hour shoot over coffee, wine, and/or pizza and walk through my workflow end to end from uploading, organization, culling, editing, delivery, marketing, etc. This is entirely for you. 

This is honestly the best thing you can do to kick-start your business. It's like an accelerated college course on how to take better photos, how to work faster and better, how to give the clients the premium service they deserve and how to make more money. 






"I've learned so much from Tony. Our Skype session was all about how to stay true to who you are but at the same time how to grow as a business. At this point in my career, I am comfortable with creating the art I have envisioned but I had never thought of how to protect myself as a business owner. Tony had walked me through the importance of managing a business and I strongly recommend his mentor session to everyone."




"I had what I thought was a pretty good understanding of Lightroom before I met with Tony. But after my Lightroom lesson with him, I felt like I had been given the Limitless pill which unlocked parts of my Lightroom brain that I didn’t have access to before. It was really helpful to learn how to use Lightroom more, but what was even better was that Tony took the time to help me identify what I like in certain color treatments, then worked with me to create some presets for me to use. Tony made the experience really enjoyable and super valuable. It’s clear that Tony not only knows what he’s talking about, but that he truly enjoys talking about it and sharing the knowledge with others. He even invited me to shoot some photos alongside him next time which was rad!"




"My mentor session with Tony was radical. I had sat down with other photographers before but my session with Tony was different. My other sessions were unorganized, scattered, and I left not really knowing if I had learned something. With Tony, we started at step one and went right thru the processes we were there to talk about. He's patient, friendly, and above all, genuinely there to help. I would not consider myself a beginner when I sat down with Tony. He recognized that, and adjusted to where I was in my career, which was helpful in a limited time session. I am already planning on my next session with Tony."




"Tony's mentor session was awesome! I had little confidence with my marketing skills and feel so much better about getting my business up and running since meeting with him. Tony was very well prepared with business knowledge, workflow and detailed tips that helped to answer my questions. I feel that in order to be successful, one needs to learn from someone who is already there. He put together an extremely thought out and organized meeting and I am so happy I took the opportunity to get together and expand my knowledge. I look forward to another session down the road!"


Film Mentor Session

Film Mentor Session

Photo: Sandra Yvette Photography

Photo: Sandra Yvette Photography



I've been shooting a ton of film lately and it's so addicting. There's something about taking a photo and the suspense of having to wait to see it later. It's amazing and so rewarding. There's something about the way film looks that has that raw, grainy beautiful quality that makes even digital photographers desire that "Looks Like Film" look. If you've never had the chance to shoot on film, this is it. I've put together a one-on-one session for you to finally learn. Below you'll find what it all includes, if you have any questions, DM me on Instagram here, or shoot me an email at

The session includes

  • One-hour couple's session shoot or landscape/travel shoot. I will arrange the couple and location. We'll shoot the entire session on film. Me alongside you. I can be involved as you want in helping pose & direct the couple and will walk you through settings and shooting on film.

  • This is a full-service mentor session where I will show you how to load the film, meter, shoot, tips & tricks with shooting on film, and take the negatives to get processed for you.

  • Black & White and color film will be provided for you. We'll shoot a few rolls on 35mm and 120mm. I will work with you to match film to your style and purchase the film on your behalf.

  • Processing and delivering negatives. I will deliver all the negatives to my lab to get processed and scanned as high-res jpegs. They will then be delivered to you via a download link 5-7 days after we drop off of the negatives.

  • If you don't already own a film camera, you can shoot on one of my many cameras including the Contax 645 and Canon EOS 3. You can see my cameras here:

  • If you wish to purchase a film camera prior, I can help guide you through your purchase with personal recommendations.

  • If you already have a film camera, bring it! Give me a heads up on the specs so I can be prepared.

  • Location of shoot to be determined by me. I live in Southern Orange County, so ideally somewhere nearby unless another location can be coordinated with my schedule.

Cost: $550


Photography Gear

Photography Gear


I'm not a gear nerd by any means. I know the basics and enough to feel comfortable with my equipment. However, a lot of people ask me about my gear so I'm sharing this with you below. My best recommendation is to save up and buy the best lenses you can. Make sure every lens you own has a purpose and is crucial to running your business. It's easy for us photographers to constantly be desiring new gear, but I read somewhere that investing in travel, experiences, and education is a much better use of your money and will help drive a lot more growth in your career. I totally agree with that (as long as you have a foundational kit of gear).




  • Contax 645 – Medium Format Film – This is my new favorite. With the 80mm (50mm equivalent to full frame) Zeiss T* lens it’s the perfect film kit to give you the painterly, timeless look.

  • Canon EOS 3 – 35mm film camera that you can use Canon EF lenses with. If you want to explore film and have a solid investment in Canon glass, I’d recommend the EOS 3, EOS-1N, or EOS 1V, all those will let you use your EF lenses.

  • Yashica-D – Medium Format Film – Fun TLR where you look down into the camera to focus. Great for double exposures too.

  • Canon AE-1 – 35mm Film - My dad's camera from the 70's, which got me started in photography. This is a classic and will forever be what I think of when I imagine film camera. It’s limitations is the 1/1000 max shutter speed. Overall super durable and common so it can be repaired and picked up for cheap.

  • Polaroid SX-70 – a manual focus polaroid that takes large square polaroids. Super fun camera. Film isn’t cheap but people get a kick out of it. Also it folds flat which is freaking rad cause Polaroids are typically pretty bulky.

  • Contax T2 - One of the best 35mm point and shoots ever made with a fixed 38mm 2.8 Zeiss Sonnar lens.


  • Canon 35 1.4L II - If I could only own one lens, this would be it.

  • Canon 50 1.2L - This gets used the least but is SO GOOD! Great for closeup intimate portraits and detail shots.

  • Canon 85mm 1.4L IS - Kick-ass portrait, detail and longer lens. Not long enough for me for the ceremony, see below, but I used this in combination with my 35 for the entire wedding day.

  • Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II - This allows me to get closeup shots during ceremonies without being obnoxious. I have the version 2 but I linked the version 3, always get the latest unless you’re buying a good condition used one.

  • Holdfast Moneymaker Dual Strap

  • Holdfast Moneymaker Solo


  • Lightroom

  • Photoshop

  • Alien Skin

  • Honeybook (Client Management, Contracts, Payments)
    The best thing for my business ever. Here's a link for 50% off: Also, bonus, I'll give you a free 30 minute Skype mentor session upon signing up. Why? Because Honeybook kicks me back $200, and cause I love you!

  • Pixieset (Photo delivery)

  • Jpeg Mini (reduces file size. Use promo code: TONYW for 20% off.)


Photo: Dakai Perez

Photo: Dakai Perez