There are countless amazing places online for free education for photographers. Whether that be places to share your work, grow in a community, ask questions to other photographers, or watch online tutorials. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.


Bree & Stephen’s Instagram Marketing Tips & Tricks Cover Photo

Bree & Stephen’s Instagram Marketing Tips & Tricks Cover Photo

Bree & Stephen’s Instagram Marketing Secrets
Good for: Driving inquiries off Instagram
These guys are going all out on creating free education for people to drive business from Instagram. Teaching you how to get your Instagram looking amazing, how to find potential couples in your area, and are doing tons of live videos where they interview other industry professionals. You’d be crazy to not join this group.
Instagram Marketing Secrets | Photography Professionals & Wedding Vendors

Steel & Flint Society
Good for: Positive community, a lot of good OCF/Cinematic lighting info
Esteban Gil is a creative genius. I started following his work a little over a year ago and loved his unique cinematic approach to light and wedding photography in general. He has recently created a Facebook group that has been exploding. They host weekly competitions to share photos and go live once a week to critique their favorite photos. They’ve also started an education blog that has so much great info on OCF for wedding photogs. Go check it out now!
Steel and Flint Society: Wedding photography education-Esteban Gil

Mastin Labs
Good for: People who use Mastin Labs presets
These are the presets I use and love. Kirk Mastin is amazing and has created a ton of amazing film presets to help your digital photos emulate film. I love shooting on film, but I also love making my digital edits resemble that same timeless style. This group is a great resource for photogs who love that film look.
Mastin Labs - Community

LooksLikeFilm LEARN
Good for: Asking questions and sometimes getting decent answers
There are a few LooksLikeFilm groups and they’re all amazing for their own reasons. The main group is an awesome place to see the best of the best photogs sharing their incredible work. It can get a bit overwhelming since there are so many amazing photographers in there. If you have a problem with comparing yourself to others, maybe it’s not the best group for you. But if you can appreciate amazing art and get inspired make sure to check it out here. They also have a spinoff group that is geared towards asking and answering questions. There’s a mix of people in there so take everything with a grain of salt, but you can usually get some nice people who will point you in the right direction.
LooksLikeFilm LEARN

Weddings & Wanderlust
Good for: destination wedding, adventure and elopement photographers
A worldwide community of adventure wedding & adventure elopement photographers. This is run by Maddie Mae and is joined by all my favorite adventure photographers. A must-follow if you want to learn more about this space.
Weddings & Wanderlust Facebook group

Booked Up Photographers & Wedding Pros - Hosted by Samantha Grant
Good for: Learning about Facebook ads
If you want to drive more business with some cost-effective advertising, then this group is for you. Lots of learnings and secrets shared here regarding FB ads, and direct access to Samantha Grant, the host and mastermind behind the group.
Booked Up Photogs Facebook Group


Screenshot from Phil & Sara’s posing vid

Screenshot from Phil & Sara’s posing vid

Phil Chester & Sara Byrne
I really wish they made more videos. They are hilarious and are great and getting straight to the point. The poses vids and the double exposure one is money.
YouTube Channel

Mastin Labs Wedding Speed Edit
If it takes you more than 8 hours to edit an entire wedding, I guarantee you can learn some tricks from watching this video. You might not need to watch the whole thing, but there’s plenty of good tips in here.

Eric Floberg 
A hodgepodge of great photographer content.
YouTube Channel

Benj Haisch
A few really amazing videos. Honorable mentions: Backup and archive workflow, How to photograph two angles at once, maximizing dynamic range in Lightroom and shooting a medium format frame with a full frame camera.
YouTube Channel

Frequency Separation by Phlearn
Say what? It’s how professionals make closeup portraits look flawless. I rarely ever go to this length with my editing, but definitely a powerful things to know how to do if needed.

Tricia Victoria
Again, wish she made more vids. The one about the in-home session is super helpful and informative. Give it a watch for sure.
YouTube Channel

Bree & Stephen
Definitely worth binging on all their vids. From a BTS of how they approach a wedding, to the lenses they use, to how they edit and some marketing tips. Lots of great stuff here.
YouTube Channel



Dirty Boots And Messy Hair Community

Photobug Community

Beloved Stories Community


What did I miss? What good links to info do you have bookmarked? Please share them in the comments below!

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