The Ecology Center is an education center just down the street from our house in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The center is built in the famous 130+ year old Congdon House and sits on a 28 acre lot run by South Coast Farms. The farm is one of the only fully organic farms in Orange County and where we buy our produce every Sunday.

Hurley has been sponsoring what Evan Marks and team has been doing with The Ecology Center for several years now and has inspired me to work with them. I help them out by providing my photography and are one of the three local charities where I donate 25% of my sales. I urge you to go out there for a beautiful educational walk and grab some fresh produce at South Coast Farms while you're at it. Directions here

Some better written words from

"The Ecology Center is a non-profit eco-education center  focused on creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.

From an empty dirt lot, we have created an ecological oasis. Our home is a model for how every home can be reimagined and every space revived.

Having witnessed more than 130 years of social, agricultural, and environmental change, the Congdon House is the perfect venue for an exploration of the links between past, present, and future. At the same time, as one of the oldest standing embodiments of the past, it serves to remind us that we must act today to rejuvenate the environment for the generations to follow."