Up Ortega Highway lies a rad little wilderness park called Capsers. It's one of my favorite spots in Orange County, California because it's so close to my home but feels so remote and different from your typical beach scene. 

I met Lisa and Henry out at the park and we made our way back to the water tower. There was no one around which made for a relaxing and peaceful shoot. We turned on some music and had a ton of fun. Typically couples are a bit nervous and I spend some time just getting them comfortable in front of the camera. Lisa and Henry were natural models. They were so comfortable and made it so easy. They're love for each other was obvious and made it for such a fun shoot. 

As the shoot went on I remembered I had a few shots on both of my film cameras (Canon AE-1 35mm and Yashica-D 120mm) that I needed to finish to get developed. I took them out and grabbed a few shots, then handed the cameras over to Lisa and Henry to show them how to use it. They're photos were awesome! Don't miss them at the end of this post. Of course they were naturals at photography too. Hahaha. I also bought some new lenses this year to help push my style. For you gear heads I got the Canon 35mm 1.4L II and a Canon 135mm 2.0L. They are my new favorite lenses. Almost every shot below was taken with those and my 50mm 1.2L. 

Wow, that was way more info than you probably wanted, so let me stop rambling and let you enjoy the photos! ENJOY!

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