Our team came to Amsterdam with clear purpose. We launched Hurley.com on Nike's global platform, which opened us up to 20 new countries. The list of countries include some important markets for us like Canada and Mexico, but also some fun new countries like Russia and Egypt. I hear Putin wears Phantoms. 

Along our trip we were able to sneak in a few incredible meals at some highly recommended restaurants. On the first night we went back to an old favorite, the Indonesian restaurant, Aneka Rasa. The next night, we ate a 4 hour fixed menu on top of the W overlooking downtown Amsterdam at Mr. Porter. The meal was incredible. We had sea bass, potato carpaccio, fried onions and the meat-eaters enjoyed some aged steaks. It was delicious and gluttonous. The last night we went to a modern European restaurant called, The Lobby. We had oysters, asparagus, cauliflower, and I enjoyed the Coalfish filet with a side of pumpkin and black venus rice. All the food and wine was incredible.

The trip was successful, both in terms of the launch and the fine dining. I was a little unsure of Amsterdam after my first trip there, but after this time, I'm looking forward to going back soon!