I was invited to come and photograph a special spring equinox party in the middle of Silverado Canyon, CA. It's hard to believe these places exist in Orange County. I tend to get stuck going to the same places over and over again, but I love that this brought me to a new place in our own backyard. The location was beautiful but the people made it even more magical.

Meg, from The Ecology Center, has been working with her friends for the past couple months building a tipi by hand. This party marked not only the beginning of a new season, it was the presentation of the incredible teamwork Meg and her friends accomplished with their hand-built tipi. 

The afternoon consisted of Meg and her close friends erecting the tipi by hand which required standing on top of each other to get it perfect. True friendship is standing on your friend's back in cow pose, using them as a stepping stool. As all the friends arrived they gathered together in a long grass field, filled with dandelions, and shared the thanks and love they have for each other. It was a special day, and an incredible way to bring in a new season. Everyone then entered the tipi and shared stories of building the tipi, what this time in their life means to them and the hope and happiness they have to look forward to in the future. I'm super thankful I was able to be a small part of such a magical day.


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