I don't create videos. I don't really know how, and unfortunately, my brain doesn't work in a video timeline format. I can't even handle the forward-facing videos of myself on social, let alone creating video content of myself to share on YouTube. So instead, I stick to Insta lives so I don't over think it and allow these other amazing humans to create awesome videos for you. Below are some of the most helpful videos I've seen lately. Got any good ones I missed? DM me on Insta @tonywodarck. Did these help? I'd love to know. Shoot me a message. 

Let's start with Phil Chester and Sara Byrne cause their YouTube channel is killing it. 

Do you love double exposures? I thought so. Then you're going to want to watch this:

I love seeing the thoughtfulness that goes in to the work behind a true artist. Peek into the mind of Ben Sasso here:

Chances are you don't have over an hour to watch someone else edit a wedding. But, I'd highly recommend taking a few minutes to scroll through this to see some really awesome tricks on how to batch edit a wedding very quickly. 

This is a great one going through the overall photography workflow. What I love about it is how detailed Dani gets with every step. We share almost the exact same workflow except I use Bridge instead of Photo Mechanic, although I've heard great things. I also use some different lenses (Canon 35, and 135), but she's awesome and this is super helpful for anyone. Also, highly recommend checking out her other vids. Just subscribe you psycho. 

That's it for now. I'd love for you to share me others you enjoy. Shoot mea DM @tonywodarck on Insta.